Located in the beautiful city of Sydney, this project encompasses 200 square meters of aluminum windows and doors. It is our privilege to provide our high-quality aluminum products to Owner Kevin.

Kevin, who attended the Canton Fair in 2017, was delighted with the success we achieved and the relationships we forged there. At 38 years old, Kevin appears youthful and vibrant. As a prominent builder in Sydney, he undertakes numerous projects annually, focusing on middle to high-end residential properties valued between three to five million AUD. Naturally, his expectations for aluminum windows are exceptionally high.

Despite being a residential project, Kevin insists on commercial-grade aluminum windows. Learning that we specialize in manufacturing both commercial and residential products in Shenzhen, Kevin expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with us. Recognizing Australia's robust market and the populace's inclination towards high-quality products, Kevin sees great potential for our offerings.

All our doors and windows adhere to commercial standards, featuring aluminum awning windows, sliding doors, and sliding windows. With a thickness of 2.0mm and double toughened glass measuring 5mm+12A+5mm, they boast a frame width of 100mm. Prior to delivery, each product undergoes thorough inspection and adjustment to ensure flawless performance. We meticulously check for any scratches on the profile, ensure smooth hardware operation, and verify correct window dimensions.

During production, our doors and windows are diligently protected with high-quality film. As an Australian standard aluminum supplier, each product is adorned with the standard logo and unique identifier.

Before delivery, we provide clients with an installation guide, enabling seamless collaboration with builders for hassle-free installation.