We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors based in Shenzhen, with 7 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have obtained several certifications for the global market, including AS2047, AS1288, ISO9001, NFRC, and CE. Our products are widely sold in various overseas markets, with a significant presence in Australia, the United States, Papua New Guinea, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more.

For the Australian market, we offer a comprehensive range of aluminum windows, including commercial series sliding doors, corner sliding doors, sliding windows, awning windows, casement windows, bi-fold doors, and bi-fold windows.

Yoowindows Aluminium awning window with transom.

Series:100 series(100mm frame depth).
Window rating---1200 Pa.(N5 General).
Water rating---200 Pa(N4,Non-exposed).
Test Pressure: 4000 Pa (N6 General)
Finishing:Power coating or PVDF.
Handle:Australian brand Doric chain winder.
Install:Sub frame or fin.
Flash: Sub sill or sill flashing.
Glass:Double glazed.(clear or spotswood white)
Lock:Keyed winder with stainless chain.
Screen:Aluminium flyscreen
Mesh:Fibreglass or S304 mesh.