In a city as high-tech and developed as Sydney, residents seek the epitome of luxury in their everyday lives, extending to the aluminum windows adorning their homes. As the largest manufacturer of aluminum windows in Shenzhen, we prioritize the production of middle to high-quality products. Annually, we export over 50,000 square meters of windows and doors worldwide.

Our expansive workshop spans over 18,000 square meters, equipped to accommodate all our production machinery. With over 50 series of aluminum windows showcased in our 2000 square meter showroom, we offer a comprehensive range of options to our clients.

In recent years, our products have undergone significant refinement, culminating in our attainment of the AS2047 certification through the SAL Global test. This certification covers various products, including aluminum sliding doors, windows, casement doors, and bi-fold doors, attesting to the superior quality and standards upheld by our company.