Founded in 2014, we have been committed to creating comfortable spaces for clients worldwide. With over 10,000 square meters of workshop space and a team of over 200 staff members dedicated to technology research, development, production, and installation, we strive for excellence. We continually invest in advanced windows and doors processing equipment and have developed our own "Yoowindows Aluminum" and "Aluminum & Wood Composite" systems.

As a manufacturer of Australian standard aluminum doors and windows in China, Yoowindows specializes in providing one-stop service for apartment, residence, and townhouse projects in Australia.

In June 2015, Jay, a builder working on a project in Sydney, contacted us after learning about our factory through our website and engaging with our sales team. Impressed by the quality of our aluminum doors and windows and our professional service, Jay decided to visit our factory in early 2016. During his visit, he gained insights into our manufacturing process, including the origin of our materials, production methods, packaging procedures, quality assurance measures, and after-sales service.